We are a Maine Inland Fish & Wildlife permitted Wildlife Rehabilitation center providing rescue assistance, transportation, medical attention, and rehabilitative care for bats and other small mammals throughout the State.

Funding for transportation, medical supplies, and housing for wildlife is out-of-pocket. Donations from the public are accepted and greatly appreciated! Click Here to help support our efforts to save wildlife in-need.



Director and Licensee

From a young age I have always been intrigued by animals; both wild and domestic. When I was little I expressed my concern for animals through writing and art. Growing up in Florida, I volunteered at several humane societies and wildlife rehab centers.  In 2010, I moved to Maine to attend Unity College. After completing my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Wildlife Conservation in 2011, I have worked with a variety of conservation programs and wildlife species throughout the country, including: shorebirds, seabirds, wolf-dog hybrids, Red wolves, Mexican gray wolves, black bears, raptors, loons, raccoon, foxes, deer, and bats. Currently, I co-run the conservation based non-profit, Balloons Blow, along with my sister, and volunteer for several others including the Maine Wolf Coalition, Cote’s Wildlife Care Center, the Waterville Humane Society, and Almost Home Rescue of New England. I am the owner of Peace & Unity Pet Care and contribute 25% of profits to caring for injured, sick and orphaned bats and other small mammals. Future goals include expansion of our wildlife care facility, building new enclosures and flight cages, along with providing education programs to schools and public groups in our local community.

We strive to create a better world for both humans and our fellow earthlings!

A big thank you to our public supporters and New England Animal Hospital for providing veterinary care when needed.

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New Moon, True Moon
Clear moon, dear moon, pearling the air.
Guiding my way as I go here to there.
Into the unknown of the night for awhile.