Found an animal?

If you have found an injured, sick or orphaned bat or other small mammal please contact us or your nearest wildlife rehab center.

For a list of permitted Wildlife Rehabilitators in Maine Click Here.
If you are in another state Click Here.

Please following this link for detailed instructions on what to do if you find a healthy bat in your home or outdoors.

neverbarehandedsm1ALWAYS WEAR GLOVES WHEN

Found an injured, sick or orphaned bat? Place a t-shirt or other soft cloth into a small, secure box or container (with small air holes). Gently place the bat inside and close the box or container. Provide a small dish of water – no bigger than a bottle lid – for the bat to drink from. Keep in a warm, safe, quiet place until help arrives. For further details on how to handle and safely secure a bat in need Click Here.

Found an animal in need? Make sure it truly needs help BEFORE you intervene. Follow this link for more information on whether an animal needs assistance.  For more information on how to secure an injured, sick or orphaned animal Click Here.

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